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Animal Worksheets for Grade 2

From habitats to life cycles

Grade 2 animal worksheets reviewing how animals live, what they eat, their habitats and adaptations, their anatomy, coverings and classification and their life cycles.

Animal Needs
Examine what animals need to live.
Animal needs worksheets
Animals & food
Herbivores, carnivores and omnivores explained.
Animals & food worksheets
The Food Chains
Examine food chains on land and in the sea.
The food chains worksheets
5 Habitats
Describe ocean, desert, arctic, forest and grassland habitats.
5 Habitats worksheets
Animal Habitats
Match animals to their habitats.
Animal habitats worksheets
Adapting to Habitats
A look at how bears, camels, sharks and giraffes have adapted to their habitats.
Adapting to habitats worksheets
Types of Animals
Mammals vs. reptiles vs. fish vs. insects vs. amphibians.
Types of animals worksheets
Animal Classification
Examine characteristics of animals and classify them.
Animal classification worksheets
Animal Coverings
Hair, feathers or shells?
Animal coverings worksheets
Animal Anatomy
Label the body parts of different types of animals.
Animal anatomy worksheets
Animal Sounds
Woof. Match animals to the sounds they make.
Animal sounds worksheets
Animal's Offspring
Match animals to their offspring with proper names.
Animal's offspring worksheets
Inherited Traits
Identify how animal babies are like, and unlike, their parents.
Inherited traits worksheets
Life Cycle of Animals
The life cycles of kangaroos, bears, cows and butterflies.
Life cycle of animals worksheets
Sample Grade 2 Animals Worksheet

Sample Grade 2 Animals Worksheet

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