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Early Reading: sentences & paragraphs

These early reading worksheets focus on reading simple sentences, paragraphs and passages, with the emphasis on building comprehension. They are a progression from our phonics worksheets & lay the groundwork for our children's stories and reading comprehension worksheets.

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Kindergarten - Reading sentences

  • Matching very simple sentences to images
  • Unscrambling pictures & sentences
  • Completing sentences
  • Illustrating sentences
  • Fluency exercises
  • Riddles (with / without pictures)

Kindergarten - Reading passages

  • Reading and illustrating texts
  • Completing texts
  • Reading with Q&A (with / without pictures)
  • Read & recall exercises

Grade 1 - Reading sentences

  • Matching grade 1 level sentences to images
  • Unscrambling images and related sentences
  • Completing sentences with picture clues
  • Illustrating sentences
  • Fluency exercises
  • Riddles

Grade 1 - Reading paragraphs

  • Color images based on details in the text
  • Draw images based on details in the text
  • Completing texts
  • Read & recall exercises
  • Reading with Q&A
Sample early reading worksheet

Sample early reading worksheet

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