Fifth Grade Spelling Worksheets

Spelling worksheets for grade 5

In grade 5, spelling becomes increasingly challenging. The worksheets on this page help your kids with the more complex spelling rules, such as multiple syllables, contractions, consonant blends, rule exceptions and alternate word endings.

Our worksheets complement our K5 Reading and K5 Spelling online programs.

Spelling lists

These worksheets provide organized lists of grade 5 spelling words: 34 worksheets.


Fill in the missing vowelsGrade 5 spelling worksheet missing vowels

The vowels have been removed in these hidden words worksheets. Find the hidden words and write in the vowels.


Complete the spelling challengeGrade 5 spelling worksheet spelling challenge

In these spelling practice worksheets for grade 5, students have to Identify the correctly spelled word.


Unscramble the words

Grade 5 spelling worksheet jumbled words

Students are asked to unscramble the spelling words in these jumbled words worksheets.


Trace the secret trailsGrade 5 spelling worksheet secret trails

These secret trail worksheets present students with a grid of letters in which they need to find and trace the spelling word.


Fit the words in the puzzle

Grade 5 spelling worksheet word puzzle

In these spelling word puzzle worksheets kids need to fit the words into a framework in the correct order.


Solve the clues in the crosswords

Grade 5 spelling worksheet crosswords

Students need to solve the clues and write the spelling words in these crossword worksheets.

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