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Kindergarten Vocabulary Worksheets

Free vocabulary worksheets for preschool & kindergarten

Print out these free worksheets to help your preschool and kindergarten kids learn their first words and build their vocabulary.

Kindergarten words and vocabulary worksheet
Kindergarten words and vocabulary worksheet

Practice words

Practice words by category (animal words, color words ....).

Sight words

Recognize common words by sight rather than sounding out.

Compound words

Writings common compound words (e.g. hair + cut = haircut).

Synonyms and antonyms

Synonyms (words that mean the same thing) and antonyms (opposites) practice.

Plural words

Understand "more than one" and the plural form of words.

Multiple meaning words

Common homonyms: words with the same sounds or spellings but different meanings.

Question words

Practice using "Who", "What", "How" and "Why".

Picture crosswords

Crosswords with picture clues.

Vocabulary cards

Match words with pictures, organized by subject, for K-2

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