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Second Grade Reading Worksheets

Reading skills & comprehension

Use these worksheets to practice and improve reading skills and reading comprehension. Our leveled stories, children's stories and fables include short fiction or non-fiction passages followed by questions. Our phonics and reading comprehension worksheets focus on more specific reading skills. 

1st grade reading comprehension worksheet
1st grade reading comprehension worksheet

Leveled stories & reading worksheets

These grade 2 leveled stories are taken from our series of leveled reading workbooks.  Each successive level provides a greater reading challenge.

Children's stories

Over 20 free children's stories followed by comprehension questions.  Most passages are 150-200 words long; questions ask students to recall what they have read.

Fables for grade 2 students

Each historical passage or fable is followed by 4 questions focused on recalling information directly from the text.


Phonemic awareness and phonics worksheets for grade 2 students.

Reading comprehension exercises

Reading comprehension worksheets focused on specific comprehension topics such as the "main idea versus details" of a text, sequencing and story elements (characters, setting, plot).

We also have some short plays and drama exercises  which can be fun way of building comprehension skills.

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