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Grade levels removed

Grade levels removed

Worksheets can be downloaded with the grade levels removed, in particular to facilitate students working below grade level.

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Direct share to Google Classroom

Worksheets can be individually shared as pdfs to Google Classroom. Answer sheets are automatically excluded. Much simpler for both teacher and student!

No ads

No Ads!

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More practice worksheets

Additional worksheets for skills requiring extra practice.

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Save favorites

Members can bookmark favorite worksheets within their account for future use.

Separate Question and Answer Pages

Separate question & answer pages

Just download, print and share what you need.

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Preview all worksheets

K5's worksheets are organized into sets to facilitate additional practice or exploration of a topic. In the member area, each worksheet in the set can be previewed before downloading.

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Download complete sets of worksheets

Download complete sets of worksheets with one click.

Member only content

Exclusive content

Tools and resources exclusively for members.


7 day free cancellation

If you cancel within 7 days, you will not be charged.



$24 per year for each teacher or family | $99 per year for schools.

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Thanks for supporting K5 Learning

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