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By parents for parents

K5 Learning: online reading and math afterschool program

K5 Learning was founded by parents who wanted better learning tools available to their kids for home use. We licensed award winning educational software, then marketed to schools, not parents, and created K5 Learning.

Since then we have also created thousands of free reading and math worksheets for parents to use with their kids.  For learning and practicing some skills, there is nothing more effective than a pencil and paper.

We believe K5 provides the best home use learning platform in North America for kindergarten through grade 5.

We believe:

  • Children's brains are like sponges. They can learn a lot given the opportunity.
  • Kids can only reach their potential by learning at their own pace.
  • Independent learning builds confidence and good study habits.
  • One of the greatest gifts you can give your children is strong reading and math skills. They are the basis of all future learning.

Where K5 fits in

Many game based websites entertain but have limited educational value and do little to develop study skills.  Some educational websites have quality activities but lack the breadth and depth of content and structure (especially assessment, automatic lesson selection and student tracking) necessary for a sustained program.  

We believe our combination of interactive online lessons and custom worksheets offers the right balance between "online" and "offline" learning, between instruction and practice and between engagement and focused learning.

We designed K5 to be a practical solution for busy families who take education seriously. 

Our Kiva group

Even a basic education for their children is but a dream for most parents around the world. We have started a Kiva Group to do our bit, and we invite you to help. Learn More

Our blog

On the K5 Blog we urge parents to be pro-active in helping their children reach their full academic potential.  Go to Blog