About Us

K5 Learning: online reading and math afterschool program

K5 Learning was founded in 2011 to provide learning tools for K-5 kids. Since then, millions of parents, tutors and teachers have visited our site and downloaded our materials.

We continue to focus on providing high quality, free worksheets and inexpensive workbooks for K-5.

We believe:

  • Children's brains are like sponges. They can learn a lot given the opportunity.
  • Kids can only reach their potential by learning at their own pace.
  • Independent learning builds confidence and good study habits.
  • Strong reading and math skills are the basis of all future learning.

Why worksheets and workbooks?

For learning and practicing some skills, we believe a pencil and paper offers unique advantages.

First and foremost, working on paper encourages children to slow down, read and think.  In contrast, the way we have learned to use screens promotes scanning, guessing and tapping.  

As the difficulty of exercises increases, the ability to "work things out" by hand (calculations, drawings, underlining words, etc.) in a completely unrestrained fashion is important.  It is how people have been learning for centuries.

Completed worksheets also leave a trail of work, instantly comprehensible to a parent, tutor or teacher.

We recommend that students take a balanced approach combining paper based learning with online programs.

Our Kiva group

Even a basic education for their children is but a dream for many parents around the world. We started a Kiva Group to do our bit, and we invite you to help.

Our blog

On the K5 Blog, we urge parents to be pro-active in helping their children reach their full academic potential.


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