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Vocabulary Cards

Match words and images

Each pdf file has a worksheet with a cut and paste matching exercise followed by a set of vocabulary cards.

Animal words - mammals, sea animals, birds, insects, rodents, pets

Food words - fruits, vegetables, snacks, other foods

Nature words - landforms, flowers, weather

Jobs words - jobs, occupations, professions

Space words - planets, space travel

Sports & activity words - sports, hobbies, activities, actions

Calendar words - days of week, months of year, seasons

Construction words - tools, construction vehicles

Toys words - toys and playthings

Transport words - cars, trucks, planes, other vehicles

Beach and festival words - beach, circus, fair

Home & school words - Items at home, school, technology, city places

Body parts words - anatomy vocabulary

Clothing words - socks, coat, ....

Musical words - musical instruments

Color words - 11 colors

Vocabulary cards sample

Vocabulary cards sample

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