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Science Worksheets for Grade 2

Understanding our world

Our grade 2 science worksheets introduce concepts in the life sciences, earth sciences and the physical sciences in ways that students can relate to their everyday lives. The emphasis is on observation, classification and understanding familiar subjects in a more scientific way.

Grade 2 science worksheet
Grade 2 science worksheet


How plants survive, grow, pollinate and disperse seeds.


Animal needs, foods, classification, habitats and life cycles.

Our bodies

Parts of the body, healthy habits and the human life cycle.

Weather and climate

Describing and graphing the weather, temperature and forecasting.

Earth and water

Describing the earth's surface and understanding how it changes.

The solar system

The sun, earth, moon, planets and space travel.

The environment

Natural resources, energy and conservation.

Material properties

Observe and classify materials by their properties, reversible changes and states of matter.

Forces and machines

Forces, motion and 6 simple machines (incline plane, etc).

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