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Grade 2 Plants Worksheets

The life cycle of plants

These grade 2 science worksheets on plant life focus on what plants need to grow, how they develop and, especially, the mechanisms by which they pollinate and disperse seeds.

Plant Anatomy
Identify the parts of plants and trees.
Plant anatomy worksheets
Plants and Food
Match foods to the parts of plants they came from.
Plants and food worksheets
Plant Needs
What do plants need to grow?.
Plant needs worksheets
Learn what photosynthesis is.
Photosynthesis worksheets
Plant Seeds
Identify and answer questions about seeds.
Plant seeds worksheets
Seed Dispersal
Examine how seeds get dispersed in nature.
Seed dispersal worksheets
What is pollination and how does it happen?
Pollination worksheets
Life Cycle of Plants
Order and draw the steps from seed to fruit.
Life cycle of plants worksheets
Plant Habitats
Math animals to their habitat.
Plant habitats worksheets
Sample Grade 2 Plants Worksheet

Sample Grade 2 Plants Worksheet

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