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Materials and properties worksheets

Observing, classifying and using materials

Observing and understanding the properties of materials is fundamental to science. These worksheets encourage students to think about familiar materials in a more systematic way.

Observable Properties
Examine materials directly with our senses.
Observable properties worksheets
Materials with Common Properties
Grouping materials with common properties.
Materials with common properties worksheets
Sorting Properties with Venn Diagrams
Using Venn diagrams to sort materials based on two properties.
Sorting properties with venn diagrams worksheets
Material Properties and Uses
Linking a material's properties to its uses.
Material properties and uses worksheets
Reversible Changes
Classify changes as reversible or irreversible.
Reversible changes worksheets
States of Matter
Examine solids, liquids and gases.
States of matter worksheets
Sample Grade 2 Material Properties Worksheet

Sample Grade 2 Material Properties Worksheet

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