Capitalization Worksheets

Free capitalization worksheets

These worksheets review the rules for using capital letters in dates, letters and texts.  All worksheets are printable pdf files.

Kindergarten capital letters worksheets

  • Capitalize the first word of sentences
  • Capitalizing special words

Grade 1 capitalization worksheets

  • Capital letters for proper names
  • Capitalizing the first letter of sentences
  • Capitalizing dates

Grade 2 capitalization worksheets

  • Capitalize days and holidays
  • Capitalize titles (books, movies, brand names)
  • Capitalize place names

Grade 3 capitalization worksheets

  • Capital letters and titles
  • Capital letters and addresses
  • Capitalization practice with longer texts

Grade 4 capitalization worksheets

  • Subjects, titles and brands
  • Seasons, holidays and directions
  • Fixing capitalization errors

Sample capitalization Worksheet

Sample capitalization Worksheet

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