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Pronouns Worksheets

Words that substitute for nouns

These grammar worksheets help students learn to recognize and use pronouns. Pronouns are words that can substitute for nouns in a sentence.

Grade 1 pronouns worksheets

  • Matching pronouns to nouns
  • Personal pronouns
  • Changing nouns to pronouns
  • Use possessive pronouns (his, mine ...) to complete sentences.
  • Use indefinite pronouns (anybody, somebody ..) to complete sentences

Grade 2 pronouns worksheets

  • Using the pronouns "I" and "me"
  • Replacing nouns with personal pronouns
  • Rewrite sentences with common pronouns
  • Match reflexive pronouns to pronouns ("I-myself")
  • Write reflexive pronouns in sentences

Grade 3 pronouns worksheets

  • Replacing nouns with pronouns
  • Completing sentences with pronouns
  • Pronoun antecedent agreement
  • Subject and object pronouns

Grade 4 pronoun worksheets

  • Pronoun agreement
  • Who, whom or whose?
  • That or which?
  • Relative pronouns

Grade 5 pronoun worksheets

  • Points of view (1st person, 2nd person ...)
  • Possessive, relative and indefinite pronouns
  • Pronoun - noun agreement
Sample pronouns Worksheet

Sample pronouns Worksheet

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