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Social & Emotional Learning Worksheets

Thinking about social skills

These social and emotional learning (SEL) worksheets provide exercises aimed at improving self-awareness, social skills and self-control. Students examine their own feelings and how their actions affect others.

Social & emotional learning worksheets
Social & emotional learning worksheets

Feelings and emotions worksheets

Relate facial expressions to feelings and emotions.

Self-awareness worksheets

Awareness of own feelings, emotions, likes and dislikes.

Self-control worksheets

Strategies for self-control & the benefits of self-discipline.

Social skills

Exercises include listening skills, following rules and being respectful.

Good manners

Matching and coloring exercises related to good manners.

Friendship and conflict

Exercises for building friendships and resolving conflict.


Breathing and other exercises related to mindfulness.

Social & emotional stories

Texts and Q&A related to typical childhood emotional experiences.

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