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First Grade Vocabulary Worksheets

Word usage worksheets

Use these worksheets to practice and improve vocabulary and word usage. These grade 1 vocabulary exercises also cover suffixes, homonyms, homophones, synonyms, antonyms and alphabetizing.

The meanings of words

Match pictures to words: identify the picture that matches the word

Match and write words: circle the rewrite the word that matches the picture

Definitions: choose the correct definition for each word

Context clues: figure out unknown words using cross sentence clues

Categorize: sort words into subject categories

Same & different: cross out the word that doesn't belong


Completing sentences: use vocabulary words to complete sentences

Match sentences to pictures: understand vocabulary words in sentences

Homonyms, homophones and word usage

Multiple meaning words: match homonyms with their 2 meanings

Homophones: completing sentences with sound-alike words

To, too or two?

Am, is or are?

I or me?

Word practice

Vocabulary cards: match pictures to words, organized by subject

Word search: circle the hidden words

Jumbled words: unscramble the jumbled words

Missing letters: fill in the missing letters to complete each word

Picture crosswords: crosswords with picture clues

Suffixes and compound words

Suffixes: identify the suffixes and root words

Using suffixes: choose the correct suffix to complete each sentence

Root words: deconstruct words into a root word and suffix

Words ending with -ing: add -ing to root words

Words ending with -ed: add -ed to root words

Compound words: match words to form compound words

Write compound words: use pictures clues to write compound words

Synonyms and antonyms

Synonyms: match and write words with similar meaning

Synonym crosswords: solve crosswords by matching synonyms

Antonyms: write words with the "opposite" meaning


Identify the word that comes 1st in alphabetical order

Write words in alphabetical order

Sample grade 1 vocabulary worksheet

Sample grade 1 vocabulary worksheet

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