Second Grade Spelling Worksheets

Spelling worksheets for grade 2

These grade 2 worksheets are intended to improve word usage and spelling.  Each worksheet is available as a printable pdf document and, where required, a second sheet with answers is included. Several versions of each exercise are provided for extra practice.

Our worksheets complement our K5 Reading and K5 Spelling online programs.

Spelling lists

These worksheets provide organized lists of grade 2 spelling words: 48 worksheets.


Identify the spelling words

spelling words

In these printable spelling worksheets students need to identify the correctly spelled words.


Unscramble the words

jumbled words

Students are asked to figure out the scrambled words in these jumbled words worksheets.


Fill in the missing letters

Grade 2 spelling worksheet missing letters

In these spelling word worksheets students are asked to complete each word by filling in the missing letters.


Write words into shapes

grade 2 word shapes

These word shapes worksheets ask students to fit the words from a word bank into the correct shapes.


Complete the spelling challenge

grade 2 spelling challenge

Students are expected to figure out the spelling of a word from its clue in these spelling challenge worksheets.


Find the hidden words

grade 2 word search

In these word search worksheets students are asked to find eight hidden spelling words in a gird of letters.

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