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Informative Writing Worksheets

Expository writing for K-5

These writing worksheets and writing prompts focus on informative or expository writing, starting with simple writing prompts in kindergarten through five paragraph essays in grade 5.

Kindergarten informative writing prompts

  • Students to write the steps for known activities

Grade 1 expository paragraph writing

Grade 2 paragraph writing

  • Informative paragraphs with topic sentence, 2 facts and conclusion
  • Informative paragraphs with examples
  • Informative paragraphs with 2 examples
  • More grade 2 writing prompts

Grade 3 informative writing

  • Writing informative paragraphs
  • Adding facts & details
  • Compare and contrast
  • Research practice & writing
  • Biography writing
  • Informative writing prompts

Grade 4 informative writing

  • Writing introductions
  • Supporting details
  • Informative paragraphs and essays
  • Comparing and contrasting
  • Research writing
  • Biography writing
  • Informative writing prompts

Grade 5 informative writing

  • Text evidence and citations
  • Writing introductions and conclusions
  • 5 paragraph essays
  • Comparing and contrasting in an essay
  • Research essays
  • Biography writing
  • Informative writing prompts
Informative writing worksheet

Informative writing worksheet

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