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Writing paragraphs

Writing structured texts

These writing worksheets focus on writing short, structured texts. Students are given prompts to write expository (informative), opinion and narrative paragraphs. The focus is on the structure of the paragraphs (e.g. topic sentence followed by facts and examples).

Informative paragraphs: topic sentence, 2 facts and a conclusion

Informative paragraphs with examples: topic sentence, a fact, an example and a conclusion

Informative paragraphs with 2 examples: topic sentence, 2 facts, 2 examples and a conclusion


Opinion paragraphs: opinion statement, 2 reasons and a conclusion

Opinion paragraphs with an example: opinion statement, reason, example & conclusion

Opinion paragraphs with 2 examples: 2 reasons, both illustrated with an example


Narrative paragraphs: Writing sequentially with first, next & last

Narrative writing: A word bank helps keep the narrative sequential

Show don't tell: Use descriptive writing to show what is happening


Editing practice: Correct a paragraph's grammar, punctuation and spelling

Grade 2 Paragraph Writing Worksheet

Grade 2 Paragraph Writing Worksheet

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