Grade 2 Punctuation Worksheets

Punctuation exercises for second grade

These punctuation worksheets include the use of commas, apostrophes, contractions and practice punctuating sentences and paragraphs.


Punctuating letters - punctuate the letters, including dates, with commas

Yes, No, Sure - insert commas after Yes, No or Sure at the start of sentences

Punctuate sentences with commas - add missing commas to sentences

Apostrophes and contractions

Making contractions - use apostrophes to make contractions (e.g. we will  -> we'll)

Negative contractions - rewrite sentences with negative contractions

Apostrophes & possession - use apostrophes to show possession (e.g. the dog's tail)

Confusing contractions: they're / there / there; it's / its; you're / your

Punctuating sentences and texts

Ending punctuation - rewrite sentences as statements, questions and exclamations

Story punctuation - punctuate the text with commas, periods, question marks, exclamation marks and apostrophes

Grade 2 Punctuation Worksheet

Sample grade 2 punctuation worksheet

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