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Pre-K & Kindergarten Activity Worksheets

Learn basic concepts and skills

Print these free worksheets to help you kids learn basic skills like sorting and concepts such as "before/after" and "same/different".

Kindergarten activities worksheets
Kindergarten activities worksheets

Size comparison worksheets

"Big vs. Small", "Biggest" vs "Smallest", "Tall vs. Short", "Long vs. Short",  "Long" vs "Short" and similar.

Same & different worksheets

What it means for objects, shapes or words to be "the same" or "different".

Opposites worksheets

Opposites, "things that go together" and "things that don't belong".

Position worksheets

Concepts such as "above and below", "left and right", "between" and "before and after".

Full & empty worksheets

The meaning of "full", "half full" and "empty".

Sorting worksheets

Practice sorting and classifying objects.

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