Full & Empty Worksheets

Learn the concept of "full" and "empty"

In these worksheets, kids identify whether objects or containers are "full" or "empty".  All worksheets are pdf files and are printable.

Kindergarten full empty worksheets

Identify which containers are "full" vs "empty"

In these worksheets students circle the full containers and cross out the empty ones.

The 1st worksheet shows pairs of the same container, one full and one empty:

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The 2nd and 3rd worksheets show an array of containers, some full some empty:

Worksheet button #2  Worksheet button #3

Read and write "full" and "empty"Full and empty sample worksheet

In the 4th worksheet students read "empty" "half full" or "full" beneath empty glasses and color in the glass appropriately.

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In the 5th worksheet, students write "full" or "empty" beneath each container.

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