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Do I need a subscription to use the worksheets?

Our worksheets are free to use.  No login required.


How do I open / print a worksheet?

Our worksheets are pdf documents. They can be opened and printed easily using Adobe Reader or other free pdf programs.  If you are having difficulty, download the latest version of Adobe Reader


Do you have answer keys for your worksheets?

Almost all of our grades 1-5 worksheets have answer keys, usually on the 2nd page.  Preschool and kindergarten worksheets usually do not have answer keys as the exercises are relatively short and simple. 


I am a teacher. Can I use your workbooks with my students?

Yes, definitely!  Feel free to make copies of our worksheets for your students; however, please do not post our worksheets on any publicly accessible website.  Please see our terms of use for more details.


Bookstore & Workbooks

What formats are your workbooks in?

All of our workbooks are pdf documents, which can be opened and printed with Adobe Reader, a free program available for download here.  


Can I get printed workbooks?

We do not ship printed workbooks; however, all of our workbooks are pdf documents which are easily printable.


How do I get my books?

After you complete your purchase a download link will be available on your screen.  You will also receive an email from us with the same download link.  Clicking on the link will take you to a secure page on our website where your workbook(s) can be downloaded.  We highly recommend that you download them on a laptop or desktop computer, saving them to your hard drive. You need to download the books within a week.

I never received the email with my download link. What do I do?

Sometimes emails get mistakenly identified as spam; please check your bulk mail or spam email boxes.  If you still cannot find the email, contact us and we will ensure you receive your product.


I received an email, but there were no download links. What do I do?

If you received an email but it was missing the download links, please contact us.  We'll fix the problem.


My download links have expired. What do I do?

If you've just recently purchased your workbooks and are having a problem, please contact us.  Download links expire after a few days, and we recommend that you download workbooks to a laptop or desktop computer and save them to your hard drive. 


I can't open the pdf file!

If you can't open your pdf file, you may just need to download the latest version of Adobe Reader.   If that doesn't work, please let us know your order number and the title of the product that you are having problems with and we can investigate further.

I am a teacher. Can I use your workbooks with my students?

Permission is granted to reproduce materials for use with one (1) teacher's students by virtue of the purchase of a book. In other words, one (1) teacher may make copies of the workbook materials he/she purchased to be used solely with his/her students. Permission is not granted to reproduce the materials for sale or make these materials available on any website for the purpose of sharing.



What happened to your online lessons?

Our online program has been phased out.  The lessons were based on Adobe Flash technology, which is no longer supported by Adobe or the major browsers.  


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