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Free Trial and Subscriptions
What happens when support for Flash Player is removed?

Our reading and math lessons are built using Adobe Flash.  Unfortunately, the major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, ….) are phasing out support for Flash at the end of the 2020.  We are not sure when browsers will stop playing Flash files.   

We will try to keep the subscription program available as long as possible.  We are also exploring some new technologies which may allow the lessons to be played after support for Flash ends.

If Flash support is removed and you can no longer access lessons, we will refund you for any unused subscription period which you have paid for.  

We are continuing to create free worksheets all the time.  We are also adding new workbook titles in our bookstore, and we will be introducing a new subscription program in the coming year.

How do I signup for a Free Trial?

Just complete the form on our free trial signup page; no credit card is required.  After you have created your free trial account, you will have full use of our program for 2 weeks. Just log your kids in and get them started.  If you like the program, you can purchase a monthly subscription at the end of the trial period.

Can I extend my free trial?

Unfortunately, the system does not allow us to extend free trials under any circumstances. 

How do I cancel my free trial?

You don’t have to. We do not take credit card information prior to the trial and there is no obligation, so if the trial period expires without you subscribing, you do not have to do anything.

How much does K5 Learning cost?

One month of unlimited use of K5 costs less than a single hour with a live tutor.

First Child: $14.95 / month.

Additional students: $9.95 / month.

This includes unrestricted access to all grade levels in K5 Reading, K5 Math and K5 Spelling. You can try K5 for free (no credit card required) with our 14-day free trial.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel a subscription at any time through the Parent Dashboard; no refunds are given for unused time.  Simply login as a parent and click on "Account Management" on the left side of the page. If you think you may want to come back to K5 later, then click on "Manage Student Accounts" and make each of your children inactive.  If you are leaving K5 permanently, then you can click on 'Cancel your subscription' and follow the steps.

Can I pay by check?

All payments are made through our website using Visa or Mastercard.  We use a major third party payment processor who uses industry leading security procedures; we do not store your credit card information ourselves.  

What is the pricing for schools and teachers?

At this time, K5 does not have a "school" product or school pricing and sells subscriptions only to families. All sales are over the internet with payment via a credit card.  There is a limitation of 4 students per parent account.

What "Promotional Code" should I use?

Unless your school has given you a promotional code, please leave the promotional code field blank when you create your free trial account. If you have a code from your school, enter it on the form.

Logging In
How do we login ?

Parents and students both login from the same login page; however, parents and students have separate usernames and passwords.  Remember, before parents can login, students must logout, and visa-versa.

If you are already logged on as a parent, you can also sign your child in by clicking the green 'Log Student In' button on the Parent Dashboard; in this case you will be logged out at the same time.

More help on logging in related problems (e.g. lost passowrds or usernames)  is available here.

I've forgotten my username!

Parent's usernames are their email addresses.

Parent's can check the usernames of their kids on the Parent Dashboard.

I've forgotten my password!

Parent's can reset their password from here.  Just enter the email address you used to create your K5 account in the username box; a new login link will be emailed to you.  Remember to check your spam filter.

**Note:  This password reset can only be used by parents for their parent accounts.  Kids passwords can be reset by parents through the Parent Dashboard (after logging in as a parent).

When I try to go the login page, it says 'Access Denied'

Someone is likely still logged into K5 on your computer!  Click "logout" on the upper-right corner of the page, or close your browser (all windows) and then try the login page again.

Can my 4 year old use K5?

If your child can use a mouse, follow simple oral instructions or has played computer games then he/she  should have no problem. 4-year-olds start off by using the K5 Math and K5 Reading programs, where our assessment will place your child at an appropriate level. K5 Math Facts can be started after your child has a good grasp of the concept of addition, typically taught in grade 1. K5 Spelling is best for kids who have begun reading and have good phonics development – typically late grade 1 or early grade 2.

The optional worksheets which accompany each lesson may require some guidance from parents for younger students.

Not sure? Just try the 14-day free trial.

Does my child have to know how to read?

Children do not need to be readers to use K5. The lower level lessons are designed for non-readers with full audio instructions and support.

The custom worksheets which accompany each lesson will require some help from parents for non-readers.

How often should my child use K5?

The program is most effective when used with a regular schedule of at least 2 study sessions per week. Most families use K-5 between 2-4 times per week, though many kids use it on a daily basis. Frequent study sessions are better than longer ones.

The lessons are too hard! (or too easy!)

We can adjust the difficulty level of the lessons in each skill area either through our online assessment or following discussions with parents.  Check out this page for more information.

The lessons aren't showing up in the reports!

Each of our lessons are broken into several segments (interactive tutorial, one or more practice sessions and then a quiz). After each segment, the student sees our 'crossing guard' and is given a chance to stop or continue. This is done to break study sessions into smaller pieces. However, the progress reporting is not recorded until the quiz is done and the full lesson is completed. So sometimes a student completes a segment but parents can’t see any results in the reporting because the full lesson has not been completed.

The same lesson keeps repeating!

K5 Traffic CopEach lesson is broken into several segments (tutorial, one or more practice sessions and then a quiz). After each segment, the student sees our 'crossing guard' and is given a chance to stop or continue. Different segments of the same lesson may have the same look and feel but are actually different. If the student goes to the end of a segment without pausing and sees the “crossing guard”, then his next activity should always be a new segment. 

Always wait for the crossing guard.  Closing the window before he appears may cause the lesson to repeat.  After quizzes sometimes there is a short delay before the crossing guard appears.  Please be patient.

A lesson may "repeat" is the student stops the lesson before completing it or takes a long break during the lesson. There is an inactivity timeout when doing lessons. If the student doesn’t do anything (no clicks) for about an hour, the timeout will come into effect and the lesson segment will not be recorded by the system.  

Also, if a student completes a full lesson, but scores under 70% on the quiz, then the whole lesson (including tutorial and quiz) will repeat once. The student’s score on the lesson the 2nd time will be recorded, and, pass or fail, the student will proceed to the subsequent lesson.

Occasionally, lessons repeat due to problems with the user’s computer setup. If you are having problems, please check the following: ·

  • Check that your Flash is version 10 or higher by clicking here.  If you need to download the latest version of Flash, you can do that here.
  •  If you are using Internet Explorer, please ensure that your browser settings are set to “automatically check for newer versions” of stored pages. (Go to Tools>Internet Options>Browsing History>Settings).   
  • Clear your browser's cache. Directions for various browsers are here:  

If you are still having problems, please contact-us.

What is the assessment?

The assessment is an online evaluation of your child’s skills in phonemic awareness, phonics, sight words, vocabulary, reading comprehension, numbers and operations, geometry and measurement. We use the assessment to place your child at appropriate learning levels in each skill area.  More information is available in the Tips on Assessment section of our Getting Started Guide.

Why should my child do the assessment?

The assessment helps us to personalize our lessons for your child based on his or her skills. This ensures he or she gets lessons at an appropriate skill level in each skill area. Lessons that are too hard lead to frustration. Lessons that are too easy lead to boredom. We assess to make sure the lessons are at the right level.

How do we do the assessment?

An animated character will guide your child through the 100% online assessment. There is nothing to download or install. When your child answers a question correctly, the next question they receive will be harder. If they answer incorrectly, their next question will be easier. Eventually, each student will be placed at the appropriate level within each sub-skill.  Please see our tips on assessment and our  video tutorial on How to start an assessment.

How do I retrieve the assessment reports ?

Parents can retrieve assessment reports through the Parent Dashboard.  Our video tutorial How to get the assessment reports demonstrates the steps.

Safety and Advertising
What about safety and advertising?

The children’s area of our web site has no ads, no commercial messages, no external links and no chat, message boards or similar features.  We strongly disagree with the amount of advertising targeted at young children, and we will never target your children with any sort of commercial messages. We do not collect children's e-mail addresses or other contact information and we will never contact your child in any way.

Missing Plugin / Flash Player

Our lessons (and sample lessons) use Adobe's Flash Player.  Flash is already installed on most desktop, laptop and Chromebook computers. Some browsers require Flash to be enabled for each website.

Enable Flash Player icon




If you see "Click to enable Adobe Flash Player", just click on the icon to enable the Flash player for K5 Learning.





If you are seeing a "missing plugin" message or missing or "blank" lessons, then the browser you are using needs to have the Adobe Flash Player plugin installed or enabled.    Installing / enabling flash depends on which browser you are using:

Chrome:  If you are using Google's free Chrome browser, Flash is installed by default.  Just enable it by clicking on the "Enable Adobe Flash Player" icon when you see it.  You may need to change your settings in Chrome to allow Flash to be enabled; instructions are here.

Firefox:   If you are using Firefox, you may have to install or enable the Flash plugin.  You can download the plugin here.  If the plugin is installed but not enabled, see Enable Flash Player for Firefox.

Safari: If you are using Safari on a Max, please see Enable Flash Player for Safari.  You may need to download the Flash Player plugin.

Internet Explorer / Edge:  On Windows 8 and 10, the Flash Player is automatically integrated with Internet Explorer and the Edge browsers. 


If you are having difficulties, try Adobe's Flash Player Help page.  It includes a check to see whether Flash is installed on your computer.  If you are using a mobile device please read our mobile device FAQ.

Will K5 work on my iPad / tablet / mobile device?

K5 is designed for use principally on desktop and laptop computers and Chromebooks. Our interactive lessons are based on "flash" video technology which is not  supported by default on iPads, most tablets or mobile devices.

Tablets using a flash enabled browser should be able to do most or all of the lessons; however, the smaller screen size may make the experience less ideal than a laptop / desktop.  A common problem is that on some lessons the student is required to type on the keyboard, and the virtual keyboard which pops up on the display of the tablet will hide a large portion of the screen.  This problem is worse for smaller tablets than larger ones.

Regardless of technology, we recommend a quiet, distraction free environment for children when studying at home.

Can K5 Learning run on my computer?

K5 Learning’s programs run on PCs, Macs and Chromebooks on any common browser, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. 

Firefox users may have to install Adobe's Flash Player plugin (you can download it for free here); Flash is already integrated into the Chrome, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge browsers. If you are seeing a "missing plugin" message or "blank" lessons, then you may need to enable Flash in your browser's options; please see our Missing Plugin / Flash Player FAQ.

You need an Internet connection and good quality speakers or headphones. If you are having problems, please contact us.

Is my internet connection good enough?

Any sort of broadband connection (cable, DSL, etc) should be fine. Wireless connections are fine. Dial up connections will usually work but there may be some lag on some of the lessons. If you are unsure, then its best to try our sample lessons or free trial.

The lessons aren’t launching. What do we do now?

If you are seeing "blank" lessons or a "missing plugin" message, you may need to install or enable the Flash Player (which is installed on 98% of desktops and laptops).  Please see our Missing Plugin / Flash Player FAQ for links and directions.  Firefox users may need to download Adobe Flash which can be found here.   

If you are using an Ipad or tablet read this

If you are still having a problem:

  1. Log off from K5.
  2. Close your internet browser (all windows).
  3. Clear your computer's cache (directions here).
  4. Reboot your computer

If this does not solve the issue then please contact us and provide us with the following information:

  • what sort of internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc) are you using?
  • what sort of computer (desktop vs laptop, PC vs Apple, etc) are you using?
  • what lessons were you trying to use (K5 Reading, K5 Math, K5 Math Facts or K5 Spelling?)
  • what exactly happened (the more detail the better) ?
  • what do you see on the screen when the problem occurs (a screenshot is generally very helpful)?
Do I need a subscription to use the worksheets?

Our worksheets are free for all to use.  No login required.

Our workbooks are available for purchase for both subscribers and non-subscribers.

Our online reading and math lessons are available through a purchased subscription; they include access to custom worksheets correlated to individual lessons.  Most of these custom worksheets are not available to non-subscribers. Try out our online lessons with our 14 day free trial.

How do I open / print a worksheet?

Our worksheets are pdf documents. They can be opened and printed easily using Adobe Reader or other free pdf programs.  If you are having difficulty, download the latest version of Adobe Reader

Do you have answer keys for your worksheets?

Almost all of our grade 1-6 worksheets have answer keys, usually on the 2nd page; however, many of our preschool and kindergarten worksheets do not have answer keys as the exercises are relatively short and simple. 

Are workbooks included in a subscription?

Our workbooks from our online bookstore are available for purchase for both subscribers and non-subscribers.

We also have  free reading and math worksheets for all to use.

We recommend that parents use a combination of our worksheets, workbooks and online lessons with their kids.

How do I get my books?

After you complete your purchase a download link will be available on your screen.  You will also receive an email from us with the same download link.  Clicking on the link will take you to a secure page on our website where your workbook(s) can be downloaded.  We highly recommend that you download them on a laptop or desktop computer, saving them to your hard drive. You need to download the books within a week.

I never received the email with my download link. What do I do?

Sometimes emails get mistakenly identified as spam; please check your bulk mail or spam email boxes.  If you still cannot find the email, contact us and we will ensure you receive your product.

What formats are your workbooks in?

Each workbook's format is given under its product description. Currently, our workbooks are all pdf documents, which can be opened and printed with Adobe Reader, a free program available for download here.

I can't open the pdf file!

If you can't open your pdf file, you may just need to download the latest version of Adobe Reader.   If that doesn't work please let us know your order number and the title of the product that you are having problems with and we can investigate further.

I am a teacher. Can I use your workbooks with my students?

Permission is granted to reproduce materials for use with one (1) teacher's students by virtue of the purchase of a book. In other words, one (1) teacher may make copies of the workbook materials he/she purchased to be used solely with his/her students. Permission is not granted to reproduce the materials for sale or make these materials available on any website for the purpose of sharing.