Fourth Grade Spelling Worksheets

Spelling worksheets for grade 4

We provide these grade 4 worksheets to help your kids practice and improve spelling and word usage. Several versions of each exercise are provided for extra practice.

Our worksheets complement our K5 Reading and K5 Spelling online programs.

Spelling lists

These worksheets provide organized lists of grade 4 spelling words: 32 worksheets.

Unscramble the words

Grade 4 spelling worksheet jumbled words

In these exercises covering spelling words for grade 4, students are asked to figure out the jumbled words.


Fill in the missing letters

Grade 4 spelling worksheet missing letters

Covering grade 4 words, these missing letters spelling worksheets ask students to fill in the letters to complete each word.


Write the words in the framework

grade 4 spelling worksheet word puzzle

These spelling puzzle worksheets present students with a framework in which they need to fit the words in order.


Link the split words

Grade 4 spelling worksheet word links

The word links spelling worksheets asks students to draw a line from the first part of the word on the left to its correct part on the right.


Complete the crossword

grade 4 spelling worksheet crossword

These crossword worksheets ask students to solve the clues and write the spelling words in the crossword.


Find the hidden words

grade 4 spelling worksheet word search

These word search worksheets contain hidden spelling words that students have to find in the grid of letters.

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