Colors Worksheets

Free colors worksheets for preschool and kindergarten

These colors worksheets help students lean the basic colors; they include exercises on tracing and printing the words for each color, matching objects to their colors and organizing pictures by their color. 

Learn the colors!

Kindergarten learning colors worksheet sample

In our learn the colors worksheets students are shown a color and asked to trace and write the word for that color and then circle the objects of that color. One worksheet for each of: blue, red, green, brown, yellow, orange, pink, purple and black/white.


Connect the color to its name

Kindergarten matching colors to their names worksheet

In these naming colors worksheets students connect colors to their names.  The goal is instant recognition of the different colors: blue, green, yellow, pink, black, purple, brown, white, orange, red.


Match objects to their color

Kindergarten matching objects to their color worksheet

These matching objects to their color worksheets start connecting colors to the real world.  Students draw a line from the written word for each color to the object of the same color.


Sort the objects by color

Sorting objects by color worksheet exercise

These sorting by color worksheets provide more practice recognizing colors as well as doing a sorting exercise.  Students are given an array of pictured objects, and are asked to draw the objects in the table, sorted by color.


Read and color

Kindergarten read and color worksheet

In these reading and coloring worksheets,  students read the color on each shape and color it accordingly. 


Print and color

Kindergarten print and color worksheet

These  printing and coloring worksheets go one step further, asking the student to read the sentence, print it (by tracing) and color in the object accordingly.

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