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Grade 1 Science Worksheets

Exploring the natural world

Our grade 1 science worksheets introduce concepts related to life sciences (plants, animals and our bodies), earth science (weather, the environment and patterns of the earth sun and moon) and the physical sciences (forces and motion, energy, sound and light, properties of materials and simple machines).

Grade 1 science worksheet
Grade 1 science worksheet


Properties and needs of plants, including plant life cycles and adaptations.


The needs, habitats, offspring and adaptations of animals; classifying animals.

Our bodies

Parts of the human body with emphasis on how we use our five senses. Also food and nutrition.

Weather & seasons

Types of weather and relationship of weather to the four seasons.

Earth, sun & moon

Movement of the sun, seasonal sunlight and phases of the moon.

The environment

Natural resources and their preservation with the 3 Rs (reduce, recycle, reuse).

Energy, sound & light

Properties of light, sound and heat.

Material properties

Material's properties such as solids vs liquids, float vs sink, rough vs smooth.

Forces & machines

Forces, motion and simple machines.

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