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Energy, Sound and Light Worksheets

Properties of light and sound

These science worksheets consider properties of sound and light, including shade structures.  Heat, light and sound are all referenced as forms of energy.

Sunshine and shade

Sunshine and melting
Identify which objects will melt in the sun.
Sunshine and melting sample exercise

Shade structures
Examine the impact of shade

Sun and shade
Draw shade structures

Shade structures sample

Forms of energy

Hot or cold?
Classify objects as hot or cold
Hot and cold example
Heat, light or sound
Show which objects give off heat, light or sound
Heat energy example
People or fuel
Classify people powered vs fuel powered
People power vs fuel power worksheet sample

Properties of Sound

Loud and soft sounds
Classify sounds as loud or soft
Loud and soft sounds sample
Sound and pitch
Classify sounds as high or low pitch
Sound and pitch example exercise
Sound words
Use sound words in sentences
Sound words

Properties of Light

Light and dark
Examine how light affects how we see objects
How light affects how we see objects example
Identify transparent objects
Tranparency example
Light rays
Draw rays of light to your eye
Rays of light from an object to your eye
Draw shadows based on the sun's position
Shadows based on the sun's position
Sample Grade 1 Energy, Sun and Light Worksheet

Sample Grade 1 Energy, Sun and Light Worksheet

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