Main Idea & Details Worksheets

Identifying the main idea and the supporting details

These worksheets introduce students to identifying the main ideas of a text as well as the details that support those main ideas.

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Grade 1 - Main Idea Worksheets 

Describe what the picture is "mostly about".

Grade 2 - Main Ideas & Details Worksheets 

Circle the sentence which describes what the short text is "mostly about".

Grade 3 - Main Idea & Supporting Details

Identify the main idea of each paragraph and the details that make it more interesting.

Grade 4 - Main Ideas, Details and Summaries

Identify the main ideas and supporting details of texts.

Grade 5 - Main Idea, Details and Summaries

Identify the main ideas of individual paragraphs and entire texts.


Main Idea & Details Worksheet

Sample Main Idea & Details Worksheet

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