Comparing Numbers Worksheets

Comparing and ordering numbers worksheets

Our comparing numbers worksheets start off by introducing students to the concepts of "more than" , "less than" , "most", and "least" by focusing on comparing groups of objects rather than numbers.  Later worksheets directly compare or order numbers without representations by pictured objects.

Topics include:

Kindergarten more than / less than worksheets

  • Which group has more objects (using pictures, not numbers)
  • Draw more (or less) objects than shown
  • Which group has the most (or least) objects  (using pictures, not numbers)
  • Count the object and circle the correct symbol (>, <, =)
  • Circle the number which is greater (less)
  • Compare the numbers and write in the correct symbol  (>, <, =)
  • Circle the greatest (least) number
  • Order the numbers from least to greatest (4 numbers)

Grade 1 comparing numbers worksheets

  • Order 3 numbers least to greatest (0-30)
  • Order 5 numbers least to greatest (0-100)
  • Compare numbers as less than, greater than or equal to (<, >, =) 0-30
  • Compare numbers as less than, greater than or equal to (<, >, =) 0-100

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