Grade 1 Forces and Machines Worksheets

Forces, motion and machines

These science worksheets introduce the relationships between forces, mass and motion in a qualitative manner.  We also introduce tools and simple machines (wedge, lever, screw and wheel) and relate those to what we find in nature. 

Forces and machines




Push or pull forces
Distinguish pushes from pulls

  Push and pull worksheet sample

Forces and direction 
Draw the push needed to stop the ball

  Forces and direction sample

Forces and motion
Compare force and motion

  Forces and motion example

4 Simple machines
Write the names of 4 kinds of simple machines

Identify simple machines
Identify examples of simple machines

  4 simple machines example

Nature and machines
Match machines with designs from nature

  Machine designs inspired by nature sample

Sample Grade 1 Forces and Machine Worksheet

Sample Grade 1 Forces and Machine Worksheet

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