Position Worksheets

Learn positional words with these free worksheets

Print out these kindergarten worksheets to help you kids learn concepts such as "above and below", "left and right", "facing left or right", "between" and "before and after".  Some worksheets also provide practice in recognition of basic shapes or letters.

Above and below worksheets

Kindergarten position worksheets

Learn the meaning of "above" and "below" with our above and below worksheets.

Left and right worksheets

Tell left from right with our left and right worksheets

Facing right and facing left worksheets

Learn to identify which way an object is facing with our 'facing left' or 'facing right' worksheets:

"Between" worksheets

Practice using the word "between" with our "between" worksheets

Before and after worksheets

Understand the "before" and "after" positions with our before and after worksheets.

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