Sorting Worksheets

Sorting worksheets for preschool and kindergarten

Sorting objects is a fun early learning activity.  The following worksheets give practice to students in different types of sorting.

Cut out, sort and paste

Sort cut and paste worksheets

These cut, sort and paste worksheets provide students with a number of pictures of objects to cut out (e.g. a beach ball), and two different scenes (e.g. a beach and a lake) on which to sort and paste them.

Sort the objects

Sorting objects worksheets

In our sorting objects worksheets students circle the objects that belong to a group (e.g. "school items") and cross out those that do not belong.

Sort by properties

Sort by property worksheets

In these sorting worksheets students sort items by specific properties such as size, color, height, feel, shape and temperature.

Sort and count

Sort and count worksheets

Our sort and count worksheets are more challenging, asking students to sort a number of items and then count the number of each type.

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