Capital Letters

Capitalization worksheets

Our capitalization worksheets introduce students to the use of capital letters at the start of sentences and for proper nouns.  They also provide practice in reading, printing and spelling.

Capitalize the first word of each sentence

Capitalize the first word of sentences worksheets

In these capital letters worksheets, students are asked to rewrite sentences with the first word capitalized, so as to reinforce the most basic rule of capitalization.


Capitalize the special words!

Capitalize proper nouns worksheets

In these capitalize proper nouns worksheets, students are asked to rewrite specific words (e.g. days of the week) using a capital letter at the start of the word.


Fix the capitalization in the sentences

Capitalization and sentences worksheets

These capitalization worksheets ask students to combine the two previous skills and rewrite sentences with proper use of capitals at the start of the sentence and for "special words".

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