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Earth & Water Worksheets

Earth and water

These grade 2 earth science worksheets introduce terminology (names of landforms and bodies of water) as well as concepts (how the Earth is constantly changing, the water cycle).

Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition
Learn how the Earth constantly changes.
Weathering, erosion, and deposition worksheets
Earth Changes & Time
Earth changes can be fast or slow.
Earth changes & time worksheets
Humans and the Environment
Identify changes which are natural vs those caused by human activity.
Humans and the environment worksheets
Identifying Landforms
Identify the major landforms (mountains, valleys, ...).
Identifying landforms worksheets
Describing the Earth's Surface
Draw and describe different landforms.
Describing the earth's surface worksheets
Bodies of Water
Identify different bodies of water.
Bodies of water worksheets
Properties of the Earth's Water
Freshwater vs. saltwater, ice vs. liquid water.
Properties of the earth's water worksheets
The Water Cycle
Study the 4 steps of the watery cycle.
The water cycle worksheets
Sample Grade 2 Earth Science Worksheet

Sample Grade 2 Earth Science Worksheet

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