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Grade 2 Children's Stories & Reading Worksheets

Stories and Comprehension Exercises

Each children's story or poem is followed by comprehension questions.  Most passages are 100-200 words long. Questions ask the students to recall what they have read.

2nd grade reading comprehension worksheet
2nd grade reading comprehension worksheet


How to Catch a Cookie    407 words

Alien Money    260 words

Cardboard Town    287 words

Playing Catch    154 words

Sly's Secret Adventure    422 words

Going to the Movies    150 words

Dave and Grant Love Kayaking    155 words

The Clean Park    200 words

Taking the Chill Out    398 words

Don't Give Up    Poem, 94 words

The Camping Trip    195 words

Giving  Fiction    314 words

Guitar or Ballet?    200 words

Pen Pals    297 words

Playground    164 words

Springtime Tadpoles    190 words

Grandpa's Cooking    170 words

Race cars    215 words

The Washing Machine Box    170 words


Changes    181 words

Fire Alarm    203 words

Going to the Library     190 words

How to Draw a Shark    245 words

Sharks    149 words

More than Rocks and Stone    265 words

Barrels of Ideas    374 words

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