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Fables for Grade 2

Historical Reading Worksheets

Each historical passage or fable is followed by comprehension questions.  The language level is aimed at beginning readers. Questions for grade 2 students are focused on recalling information directly from the text.

2nd grade reading comprehension worksheet
2nd grade reading comprehension worksheet

There's a Skunk in the Library    Fiction, 515 words 

One Guest too Many?    Fiction, 635 words 

A Big White Hen        Fiction, 250 words

The Fox and the Grapes    Fiction, 640 words

Ten Little Cookies    Poem, 70 words

No Party for Skedaddle   Fiction, 495 words

Mercury and the Woodsman   Fiction, 500 words

Little by Little    Fiction, 250 words

Grimbletoes and the Milk Pail    Fiction, 810 words

Moving On    Fiction, 400 words

Turnip Teamwork    Fiction, 450 words

The Coat     Fiction, 180 words

Golly Grue's New Hat    Fiction, 485 words

In Search of Flowers    Fiction, 105 words

Here is a Nest    Fiction, 150 words

Hide and Seek    Fiction, 185 words

Pretty Fish    Fiction, 160 words

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