Short Plays & Kids' Drama Worksheets

Short plays & kids' theater

We believe that reading and performing plays are fun and effective ways for students to increasing reading fluency, comprehension and vocabulary development.  Below we provide some sample scripts and drama exercises to introduce kids to plays. 

Sample scripts

These short plays are taken from two collections of short plays which we sell in our bookstore.  Each workbook contains a number of plays and associated exercises and is available for download and printing.

Free Script & Exercises Grade Level In store
The Unhappy Princess
1 - 3 Short Plays for Grades 1-3
The Mystery Club & the Case of the Missing Pearls
3 - 5 Short Plays for Grades 3-5

More drama worksheets

Below are a set of 5 complimentary drama worksheets introducing students to plays and the theater.  Younger students will likely need help in reading the worksheets, but can still benefit from working through the exercises with an adult.Kids plays and theater worksheet


What is creative drama?

This worksheet reviews the meaning of the different words associated with plays, like "audience", "stage", "props" and so on.


Looking at a Play

This worksheet asks students to imagine that The Three Little Pigs was made into a play, and discusses characters, setting and events.


Lets talk about dialogue

These exercises introduce the writing of dialogue in script form.


Creative drama: the setting

This worksheets explains the concept of "setting" and asks students to draw pictures of the settings from "The Three Little Pigs".


Creative drama: the props

These exercises introduce props, and ask students to make up a play and list the props needed.