Synonyms & Antonyms Worksheets

Free synonyms and antonyms worksheets

Words that have the same meaning are synonyms; antonyms are "opposites". These worksheets introduce synonyms and antonyms to kids, as well as giving practice in reading individual words and helping to build vocabulary.  They compliment our online vocabulary lessons.

Match the synonyms
  Kindergarten matching synonyms worksheet exercise
Write the synonyms
  Kindergarten writing synonyms exercises
Unscramble the words to find the synonym
  Kindergarten unscramble synonyms worksheet exercise
Match the antonyms
Kindergarten matching antonyms worksheet exercise
Write the antonyms
Kindergarten writing antonyms worksheets
Unscramble the antonyms
Kindergarten unscrambling antonyms worksheets
Identify synonyms and antonyms
Matching synonyms and antonyms worksheets
Writing synonyms and antonyms
Kindergarten writing synonyms and antonyms worksheets

Kindergarten Synonym and Antonym Worksheet

Sample Kindergarten Synonym & Antonym Worksheet

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