Fifth Grade Spelling Words

Why is it important to learn to spell?

Spelling helps cement reading. By learning to spell students make the connection between sounds and letters - the skills kids require in developing literacy. From an early age, learning to identify letters and phonics, and later develop a knowledge of what words mean are critical to reading comprehension and writing cohesively. 

Fifth grade spelling words

Use these free printable sheets to help your child learn to spell words in grade 5. If your child can understand these activities, they are ready to use K5!  Our worksheets complement our K5 Reading and K5 Spelling programs. Check out our 14-day free trial.


Lesson 1: ai sound words  [PDF]

Lesson 2: au sound words

Lesson 3: Greek root aero5th grade spelling lists 

Lesson 4: Greek root ambi

Lesson 5: Greek root ann/enn

Lesson 6: Greek root anti

Lesson 7: Greek root audi/astro

Lesson 8: Greek root fract/graph

Lesson 9: double -ing words

Lesson 10: homographs

Lesson 11: homographs

Lesson 12: number-related words

Lesson 13: plural changes words

Lesson 14: plural changes words

Lesson 15: polysyllabic -ing words

Lesson 16: polysyllabic -ing words

Lesson 17: polysyllabic -ing words

Lesson 18: polysyllabic -ing words

Lesson 19: prefix com- vowels

Lesson 20: prefix ad- vowels

Lesson 21: prefix coll- vowels

Lesson 22: prefix dis- words

Lesson 23: prefix in- words

Lesson 24: prefix ob- words

Lesson 25: prefix sub- words

Lesson 26: shun sound words

Lesson 27: shun sound words

Lesson 28: suffix -able words

Lesson 29: suffix -able words

Lesson 30: suffix - ant words

Lesson 31: suffix -ent words

Lesson 32: suffix - ible words

Lesson 33: suffix -ology words

Lesson 34: suffix -ology words

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