K5 Reading

Reading and language arts resources for for kids

We have thousands of free reading worksheets and a range of language arts workbooks for kindergarten through grade 5.  We hope that our reading materials will help build your child’s confidence and love of reading.

Reading skills are critical

Young kids learn to read; for the rest of their lives, they read to learn. Reading skills will affect kids ability to learn in all other subjects.  Do everything you can to help your kids learn to read early and well.

Language arts resources by grade level

The following pages provide guides to our reading resources by grade level:


Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

Key reading and language arts skills

Our language arts resources are divided into the following topics:

Phonics and early reading – phonemic awareness, phonics and sight words exercises. Understanding the relationships between written letters and spoken sounds and recognizing high frequency words.

Comprehension – children's fiction and non-fiction texts and reading comprehension exercises.

Vocabulary - various types of vocabulary worksheets and exercises.

Spelling - spelling word lists and exercises.

Grammar and writing - grammar and practical writing skills.