Grade 5 Reading and Language Arts

Grade 5  reading topics

Language arts topics in grade 5 typically include:

Vocabulary - further building vocabulary with special attention to figurative language like similes, metaphors, hyperbole and symbolism.

Reading Comprehension - text become longer (multiple pages) and more specialized, often regarding topics the student has limited prior knowledge about.  Illustrations used to extend meaning rather than support the text directly.  Integration of charts, captions or graphs as appropriate in non-fiction texts.  Careful use of technical and scientific terms. 

Students learn to identify statements that reveal the author’s purpose and the techniques the author uses to influence the reader. Identify explicit and implicit cause and effect in a non-fiction text. Comparing and contrasting across texts, differentiating the main idea of a paragraph from the details, and drawing and supporting conclusions with evidence. Distinguishing facts from opinion and use them to determine the author’s point of view.  Making judgements about characters.

Grammar and Writing - Writing of more complex sentences including use of conjunctions, prepositions, intejections, various verb tenses and different sentence structures (simple, compound, complex).  Identifying sentence problems (comma splices, fragments, run-on sentences). Improving sentences for meaning, interest and style. 

Grade 5 reading worksheets

Reading Comprehension

Our grade 5 texts are categorized as leveled stories, children's stories, and fables.  They are fiction and non-fiction, all followed by comprehension exercises.  We also have grade 5 comprehension worksheets focused on specific topics like "prediction" or "figurative language".

Vocabulary Worksheets 

A variety of exercises related to improving vocabulary and word usage including sections on idioms, proverbs, similes and metaphors.

Spelling Worksheets

Lists of grade 5 spelling words followed by various exercises to practice them.

Grammar & Writing

Grade 5 worksheets focused on writing grammatically correct sentences and the improvement of the student's writing.

Grade 5 reading workbooks

Full description of our grade 5 language arts workbooks are available in our bookstore.

Levelled Readers for Grade 5

Reading Comprehension, Leveled Readers

Part of our A-Z series of levelled readers.  Levels T, U and V correspond to grade 5.

Grade 5 Grammar and Writing Workbook

Grammar and Writing for Grade 5

Our grade 5 grammar and writing workbook.

Grade 5 Vocabulary Workbook

Vocabulary for Grade 5

Our grade 5 vocabulary workbook.

Grade 5 Spelling Workbook

Spelling for Grade 5

Our grade 5 spelling workbook.

Short plays for grades 3-5

Short Plays for Grades 3-5

A collection of 12 original plays with exercises for kids in grades 3-5.

Crosswords Workbook


20 crosswords, each on classic kid's topics.