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Fables for Grade 5

Historical Reading Worksheets

Each historical passage or fable is followed by reading comprehension questions.  Questions for grade 5 students focus on prediction, inference and character traits.

5th grade reading comprehension worksheet
5th grade reading comprehension worksheet

I Will Think of It       Non-fiction, 435 words

Bruce and the Spider       Fiction, 380 words

Jaylen and the Magic Ring   Fiction, 1,600 words

A Ship in a Storm       Non-fiction, 530 words

Susie and Rover       Fiction, 580 words

The Story of Regulus       Fiction, 660 words

Humming Birds       Non-fiction,  300 words

Horatius at the Bridge       Fiction, 720 words

Harry and Annie       Fiction, 330 words

The Fairy Tree       Fiction, 800 words

Sennin the Hermit       Fiction, 560 words

The Bonfire in the Sea       Fiction, 740 words

Queen Hulda and the Flax       Fiction,  640 words

Little Red Riding Hood       Fiction, 590 words

The Princess Who Never Smiled    Fiction 1,350 words

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