Grade 5 Reading Comprehension Exercises

Comprehension exercises for fifth grade

These worksheets provide practice in comprehension skills such as comparing and contrasting, identifying the main ideas of a text and their supporting details, relating cause and effect, making inferences and predictions and distinguishing between fact and opinion.  We also take a closer look at context clues and figurative language.

Compare and contrast: compare details from short texts

Main ideas, details& summary:  identify the main ideas of paragraphs and entire texts

Sequencing:  place events in order based upon a text

Story elements:  character analysis, plots and author's purpose

Conclusions & inferences:  make inferences as you read

Context clues: use context clues to understand new words

Cause and effect worksheets:  cause and effect practice

Fact vs opinion:  are Uncle Ben's statements facts or opinions?

Prediction worksheets:  read actively & predict what comes next

Figurative language:  using similes and metaphors

Personification worksheets:  making descriptions more vivid

Sample grade 5 reading comprehension exercises

Sample grade 5 reading comprehension exercises

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