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Grade 5 Children's Stories & Reading Worksheets

Stories and Comprehension Worksheets

Each children's story is followed by reading comprehension questions.  Most questions are 'open ended' and focus on comprehension skills such as making inferences, drawing conclusions and understanding cause and effect.  The passages vary in difficulty with some passages having more challenging vocabulary.

Grade 5 reading comprehension worksheet
Grade 5 reading comprehension worksheet


After the Flood    700 words

Alex and Amanda’s First Concert    800 words

The Astronomy Project    600 words

Best Friend Blues    560 words

"Bring your Pet Day" Disaster    510 words

Dinner Disaster    860 words

Fairy Followers    790 words

Fossil Mystery    535 words

The Goose Voyage    650 words

Jump Around    500 words

Mystery of the Broken Pie    840 words

The Best Vacation Ever    560 words

Finders Keepers    730 words


Curious about Careers: Engineering    440 words

Curious about Careers: Teacher     540 words

Henry Ford    390 words

Horses    405 words

How to Care for a Pet Fish    605 words

How to Make Animations    520 words

Space Based Astronomy    360 words

What Police and Detectives Do    720 words

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