Grade 5 Leveled Reading Worksheets

Reading Worksheets - Leveled Stories

These grade 5 reading comprehension worksheets are taken from a series of leveled reading workbooks. The series ranges in difficulty from A to Z and is correlated to grade levels; each successive level provides greater challenge. The full workbooks are available for download from our bookstore for only $2.99 / book.

Free Worksheet Reading Level In store
Saving Thor T Level T workbook
Blocking Beethoven U Level U workbook
Horse Troubles V Level V workbook
Sustainable Energy Sources W/X Level W/X workbook
The Ice Age  Y Level Y workbook


These children's stories are leveled based on text complexity (vocabulary, word size, sentence length, amount of repetitiveness, subject matter complexity). Each workbook contains fiction and non-fiction texts, followed by reading comprehension exercises. Topics vary; we try to make reading interesting and/or fun. Answer sheets are provided.

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