Start building vocabulary early

The rate at which elementary school kids learn vocabulary varies immensely, with some kids averaging 2 words a day and some 8 words a day. The biggest reason? Differences in day to day exposure to a rich world of words.

The larger a child's vocabulary becomes, the faster it grows. That’s because it’s easier to connect a new word with words you already know. Vocabulary development is a fundamental part of improving reading skills.

Vocabulary worksheets and activities

Our vocabulary worksheets cover sight words, compound words, synonyms and antonyms, plural words, multiple meaning words, question words, homophones, root words, prefixes, suffixes, tricky words, homographs, idioms, similes, metaphors and more!

Activities include practice word lists, matching, printing, sorting, unjumbling, categorizing, mazes, word searches, puzzles, crosswords and every other exercise we can think of to get kids familiar with new words.

Kindergarten vocabulary worksheets

Grade 1 vocabulary worksheets

Grade 2 vocabulary worksheets

Grade 3 vocabulary worksheets

Grade 4 vocabulary worksheets

Grade 5 vocabulary worksheets

Vocabulary Workbooks

Full descriptions of our vocabulary workbooks are available in our bookstore.

Grade 1 Vocabulary Workbook

Vocabulary for Grade 1

Our grade 1 vocabulary workbook.

Grade 2 Vocabulary Workbook

Vocabulary for Grade 2

Our grade 2 vocabulary workbook.

Grade 3 Vocabulary Workbook

Vocabulary for Grade 3

Our grade 3 vocabulary workbook.

Grade 4 Vocabulary Workbook

Vocabulary for Grade 4

Our grade 4 vocabulary workbook.

Grade 5 Vocabulary Workbook

Vocabulary for Grade 5

Our grade 5 vocabulary workbook.

Picture Crosswords Workbook

Picture Crosswords

20 crosswords on age appropriate topics; all clues are pictures.

Crosswords Workbook


20 crosswords, each on classic kid's topics.