Grade 1 Reading and Language Arts

Grade 1 reading topics

Examples of language arts skills students learn in grade 1 are:

Phonemic Awareness - manipulating, blending and replacing phonemes to generate new words, segmenting words into phonemes, and identifying words that rhyme.

Phonics – working with consonant and vowel sounds and progressing to blending of 2 and 3 consonants together, the silent ‘e’ rule and distinguishing between short and long vowel sounds.

Sight Words - recognizing and using grade 1 level sight words (high frequency and/or irregularly spelled words) to complete sentences. 

Vocabulary and spelling - building grade 1 vocabulary and defining words by relating words to their synonyms.  Categorizing words (e.g. "animal words", "color words"); introducing multiple-meaning words and compound words.

Reading comprehension – expanding above kindergarten comprehension concepts to longer and more complex texts, typically from 50 - 250 words long.  Still have significant repetition and support from pictures, but less so than kindergarten.  Sentences are longer and can sweep over one line, though paragraphs remain very short.  

Grammar and writing - continued practice writing letters and then words and simple sentences, along with basic capitalization and end of sentence punctuation. Some introduction to the parts of speech (e.g. nouns).

Grade 1 language arts worksheets

Reading Comprehension 

Our grade 1 reading worksheets are divided between sets of short texts followed by Q&A (leveled stories, children's stories, fables) and by reading comprehension exercises focused on specific topics like "sequencing" or "main idea".

Vocabulary Worksheets 

Over 30 different types of exercises aimed at improving vocabulary and word usage.

Spelling Worksheets

A list of grade 1 spelling words followed by various exercises to practice them.

Grammar and Writing

Grade 1 exercises giving practice in writing short but grammatical sentences with capitalization and ending punctuation.  Also introducing the parts of speech (nouns, verbs, etc).


Free printable flashcards covering Dolch and Fry sight words, phonics, prefixes and suffixes and multiple meaning words.

Grade 1 reading workbooks

Full description of our grade 1 reading workbooks are available in our bookstore.

Grade 1 Reading Comprehension Workbook

Reading Comprehension, Leveled Readers

Part of our A-Z series of levelled readers.  Levels D to I correspond to grade 1 levels.

Grade 1 Grammar and Writing Workbook

Grammar and Writing for Grade 1

Introducing grammar and practical writing skills, starting with simple sentences, capitalization and punctuation.

Grade 1 Vocabulary Workbook

Vocabulary for Grade 1

Our grade 1 vocabulary workbook.

Grade 1 Spelling Workbook

Spelling for Grade 1

Our grade 1 spelling workbook.

Picture Crosswords Workbook

Picture Crosswords

20 crosswords on age appropriate topics with pictures as clues.

Phonics flashcards

Phonics Flashcards

Over 1,000 flashcards in 35 categories.

Sight Words Flashcards

Sight Words Flashcards

Sight word flashcards including Dolch, Fry sightwords and some custom sight word worksheets