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Fables for Kids

Historical Reading Worksheets

Each historical passage or fable is followed by questions asking the students to recall information that they have just read.

1st grade reading comprehension worksheet
1st grade reading comprehension worksheet

Simon the Scarecrow    Fiction, 140 words

The Sun has Set     Fiction, 95 words

My Little Kitty     Fiction, 55 words

The Cat and the Fiddle    Fiction, 175 words

Time for Everything    Poem, 75 words

Seven Little Mice    Poem, 60 words

One of Aesop's Fables    Fiction, 140 words

Susy Brown    Fiction, 100 words

What Mort Really Wants    Fiction, 260 words

O John!    Fiction, 50 words

Here Comes the Band    Fiction, 90 words

Here, Ponto    Fiction, 80 words

The Bee    Fiction, 90 words

Ned and the Apples    Fiction, 65 words

Snowman   Fiction, 65 words

Doodle, Don and the Cuckoo Clock    Fiction 145, words

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