Grade 2 Reading and Language Arts

Grade 2 language arts topics

Reading skills grade 2 students learn include:

Phonics – Identifying sounds associated with consonant diagraphs, vowel diagraphs, diphthongs and r-controlled vowels. Using context clues to develop strategies to identify tricky words.

Sight Words – Recognizing and completing sentences using Grade 2 level sight words such as ‘always’, ‘around’, ‘because’, ‘would’, ‘right’ and ‘before’.

Vocabulary & Spelling – Building grade 2 vocabulary by relating words to their synonyms and selecting words to complete sentences. Using prefixes, suffixes, synonyms, antonyms and homophones correctly in sentences.

Reading Comprehension – students expand prior comprehension concepts to 2nd grade level texts and read significantly longer texts, ranging up to 500 words, with less support from images.  Sentences lengthen and are organized into paragraphs, though paragraphs are still kept short and simple.  Sentence structures become more complex and there maybe extensive dialogue and multiple characters and points of view. Grade 2 kids may begin reading chapter books.

Grammar and Writing - Emphasis on the writing of proper sentences, with capitalization and end punctuation, and the identification of parts of speech, particularly verbs and nouns.  Use of collective nouns and pronouns.  Singular, plural and irregular nouns and simple past, present and future verb tenses.

Grade 2 language arts worksheets

Reading Comprehension 

Our grade 2 reading worksheets include short texts with questions about the story (leveled stories, children's stories, fables) and by reading comprehension exercises focused on specific topics like "main idea" or "compare and contrast".

Vocabulary Worksheets 

Various types of exercises aimed at improving vocabulary and word usage including word searches, picture crosswords, jumbled words and hidden letters.  Alphabetical order and synonyms and antonyms also covered.

Spelling Worksheets

A list of grade 2 spelling words followed by various exercises to practice them.

Grammar & Writing

Grade 2 worksheets introducing students to the parts of speech, punctuation and related concepts which form the building blocks for writing proper sentences.


Free printable flashcards covering Dolch and Fry sight words, phonics, prefixes and suffixes and multiple meaning words.

Grade 2 reading workbooks

Full description of our grade 2 reading workbooks are available in our bookstore.

Grade 2 Reading Comprehension Workbook

Reading Comprehension, Leveled Readers

Part of our A-Z series of levelled readers.  Levels J to M correspond to grade 2.

Grade 2 Grammar and Writing Workbook

Grammar and Writing for Grade 2

Our grade 2 grammar workbook aimed at teaching grammar in the context of practical writing skills.

Grade 2 Vocabulary Workbook

Vocabulary for Grade 2

Our grade 2 vocabulary workbook.

Grade 2 Spelling Workbook

Spelling for Grade 2

Our grade 2 spelling workbook.

Short plays for grades 1-3

Short Plays for Grades 1-3

A collection of 10 original plays for kids in grades 1-3.

Picture Crosswords Workbook

Picture Crosswords

20 crosswords on age appropriate topics with pictures as clues.

Phonics flashcards

Phonics Flashcards

Over 1,000 flashcards in 35 categories.

Sight Words Flashcards

Sight Words Flashcards

Sight word flashcards including Dolch, Fry sight words and some custom sight word worksheets