K5 Spelling

Spelling improves your child’s language skills one word at a time

Research shows that learning to spell builds language skills that are used in both reading and writing. Spelling, reading and writing all rely on the visual representation of words and the relationships between letters, sounds and meanings.  

Good spelling is a fundamental skill that every student should develop.

Spelling Lists

We have compiled and categorized lists of grade appropriate spelling words for your convenience:

Grade 1 Spelling Words

Grade 2 Spelling Words

Grade 3 Spelling Words

Grade 4 Spelling Words

Grade 5 Spelling Words

Spelling Worksheets

Our spelling worksheets provide various exercises spelling grade appropriate words.

Grade 1 Spelling Worksheets

Grade 2 Spelling Worksheets

Grade 3 Spelling Worksheets

Grade 4 Spelling Worksheets

Grade 5 Spelling Worksheets

Spelling Workbooks

Full descriptions of our spelling workbooks are available in our bookstore.

Grade 1 Spelling Workbook

Spelling for Grade 1

Our grade 1 spelling workbook.

Grade 2 Spelling Workbook

Spelling for Grade 2

Our grade 2 spelling workbook.

Grade 3 Spelling Workbook

Spelling for Grade 3

Our grade 3 spelling workbook.

Grade 4 Spelling Workbook

Spelling for Grade 4

Our grade 4 spelling workbook.

Grade 5 Spelling Workbook

Spelling for Grade 5

Our grade 5 spelling workbook.