Kindergarten Reading & Language Arts

Kindergarten language arts topics

Examples of reading skills that kids work on in kindergarten include:

Phonemic Awareness – identifying, isolating, manipulating, adding, blending, categorizing and deleting phonemes (individual sounds) in spoken words.

Phonics - learning the alphabet, the concept of letters and words, consonant sounds and short and long vowel sounds.

Sight Words - recognizing and using kindergarten-level sight words (e.g. all, am , soon, he, we).

Vocabulary – recognizing and using kindergarten vocabulary words including question words (who, what, when, where, how, why).  

Reading Comprehension – reading very short texts (e.g. 20-80 words), usually with sentences of 3-8 words that don't extend over a line. Texts typically have a very repetitive pattern and are supported by images.  Comprehension questions focus on recalling facts from texts.  

Writing - tracing and printing upper and lowercase letters.

Kindergarten language arts worksheets

We have free kindergarten reading worksheets in the following categories:


Identifying letters and writing the alphabet.

Sounds & Phonics

Using letters to make sounds and words.

Words / Vocabulary

Recognizing sight words and building vocabulary.

Reading Comprehension

Short stories with Q&A and other comprehension exercises.

Early Writing

Sentences, capital letters, punctuation & writing prompts.

Kindergarten language arts workbooks

Full description of our kindergarten reading workbooks are available in our bookstore.

Letters Workbook


Learn to recognize, trace and print letters.

Phonics Workbook

Phonics A

Focus on beginning sounds and short vowels.

Phonics flashcards

Phonics Flashcards

Over 1,000 flashcards in 35 categories.

Sight Words Flashcards

Sight Words Flashcards

Sight word flashcards including Dolch, Fry sightwords and some custom sight word worksheets

Kindergarten Reading Comprehension Workbook

Reading Comprehension, Level A

Part of our A-Z series of levelled readers.  Levels A, B and C correspond roughly to kindergarten levels.

Picture Crosswords Workbook

Picture Crosswords

20 crosswords on age appropriate topics with pictures as clues.